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What’s Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • Thermonuclear currency wars;
  • An imminently dovish Fed;
  • The infathomability of rising interest rates;
  • The insurmountable hurdles to Trump-Flation;
  • The coming debt ceiling debacle;
  • Draconian government.

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  1. jj says:

    There is 6 currencies making up the dollar index but it is not just about the index. If you follow currencies the dollar has been gaining strength against most of the crosses. International capital flows have been flooding into dollar based assets including the dollar and the Dow. The yuan is not pegged to the dollar but to a basket of currencies mostly China’s Asian trading partners.
    It is absurd to think that the FED wants to suppress the gold price to instill dollar confidence as they have been attempting to weaken it which is the opposite. They have ask central banks to flood the system with dollars not only to help US exporters but banks who have lent trillions in dollar denominated loans to foreign entities and a strong dollar makes these too difficult to service. They have been unsuccessful due to various global forces working against it. Currency traders in London have been creating dollar strength and entities in Europe have been exchanging euros for dollars. As London has over twice the volume as NY they have been more successful.
    The pipelines will not create more of an oil glut. What is going on is breaking the monopoly of Buffet with his railroads which is how the oil is being transported currently.
    It is interesting that those that promote metals are the ones who promote the doom and gloom. For three years I have these people rant about a dollar collapse, Dow collapse, Comex default and bankruptcy, credit freezes and of course metals going to the moon. The reality is the opposite has happened.
    As far as the auto industry Trump wants them to invest here instead of either moving jobs overseas or bringing those factories home which uses cheap labor.
    Hoffman just seems like a very unhappy and angry person.

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