David Fischer Updates on Brexit, Stocks and Much More (#27)


from The Golden Rule with David Fischer

This week with David Fischer…

  1. Give us an update on the status of Brexit, Brittan exiting the European Union
  2. Give us an update on Stocks, what are they doing today?
  3. Can you explain the correlation between gold, the dollar, stocks, and interest rates?
  4. Is Trump going to be able to get through Congress his tax reduction plan?

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1 Response

  1. Simon says:

    Very low quality sound as its only 8kbps bit-rate. Sounds very metallic and “tinny”, like it’s recorded from an old telephone in a biscuit tin (or cookie tin for USA listeners).
    If you have the original sound file, re-encode it at a higher bit-rate. 64kbps would do, 96kbps or 128kbps would be better.

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