Andrew Hoffman – Trump vs. The World


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What’s Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • Today’s must listen Audioblog, “name whatever’s impossible…”
  • Unexpected Yuan devaluation – and Precious Metals/Bitcoin surge
  • Trump vs. the world, and America
  • Fraudulent OPEC deal on verge of collapse
  • Trumpflation meme dying
  • PMs approaching 200 DMAs
  • Upcoming catalysts – Yellen next week, Dutch elections, debt ceiling, etc.
  • 2.5% 10 year yield – Nuff said!

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2 Responses

  1. Tom says:


    Love your work but lately…

    At 7:06 “I’m more responsible for getting Trump elected than anyone..”…

    Come on Andy… Why are you saying stuff like this… It’s nonsense…

    I have been hearing more and more of this type of stuff from you lately. Please stop bragging and show some modesty…

    The “I had only four hours sleep last night” comments and then listening to you yawn a half a dozen times throughout your Podcasts proves what exactly? I stay up 24 hours straight at least once a week so does that make me Superman?

    I am sensing a large ego here..

    Please dial back the ego and refrai from bragging… It is only lessening your credibility…


  2. Anonymous says:

    In Andy’s first sentence he started talking about his latest audio blog which “everyone must listen to”… and that’s when I thought to myself “you know what, I’m sick and tired of hearing Andy say “I wrote an article that said….”. He does it in every interview I’ve ever heard.

    So I just hit the close button and moved on.

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