BitcoinMeister Show Interviews Me on the Future of Cryptos

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I gave up on crypto-currencies with the gutting of Quark by its main developer. Since then, many crypto startups have wanted me to look at the construction of their coins in the hopes that I would endorse it. I was so embarrassed about supporting Quark so enthusiastically only to have it go bust, I never wanted to be involved with cryptos again.
Recently, the development team for a coin that is not so new called Cloak, contacted me. They have revamped Cloak to make it perform like the new head of the team thinks crypto-currencies of the future will have to work.
There are at least two basic problems with Bitcoin and most of the other coins out there. First of all, as the coin develops, it gets harder and harder to “mine”, and mining takes larger and larger computational power and that means giant facilities, like those installed in Iceland where the climate is cold and the electricity is cheap. Obviously, this is not an optimal condition.
The second problem is that the blockchain, which identifies every transaction of every coin is getting longer and longer. Bitcoin transactions are consequently getting slower and slower. Again, not an optimal condition in a world where waiting an extra two seconds for a chip card transaction to process seems like an eternity.
The new Cloakcoin solves both of those problems. I’ll do another report on this later on, but today, I just wanted to replay my interview on the more general topic of the future of cryptos generally, today with Baltimore’s BitcoinMeister, who was traveling in Portugal.

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