Daniel Pearl Lecture Full of Anti-Trump Puffery by Journal Reporter

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

Bret Stephens delivered the Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture this week at the University of California, Los Angeles. Read the full text of his remarks below: I’m profoundly honored to have this opportunity to celebrate the legacy of Danny Pearl, my colleague at The Wall Street Journal … – Time Magazine

The Wall Street Journal doesn’t always tell the truth. This speech that deals in part with the unimpeachable integrity of the Journal is simply untrue.

Take for instance a recent article about PewDiePie, gaming vlogger Felix Kjellberg, calling him an anti-Semite. He is the most popular personality on YouTube with 53 million subscribers and counting. He’s not anti-Semite, though the Journal did its best to make him so.

PewDiePie did videos that explored why it was so easy for people, especially Jews, to be insulted. One video involved two half-naked video artists who were willing to say vile things about Jews for $5 dollars. PewDiePie points out this was his way of showing in the Internet era that people will do anything for tiny bits of money.

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