High Yield Cash Flow with PeerStreet.com – Brett Crosby

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from FutureMoneyTrends

Brett Crosby Cofounder and COO at PeerStreet.com is here to explain us how it works. Also, he is going to give us a little of its founder’s background, its techniques to operate, actual cases of the returns and how they plan to react over all the possible cases that could happen in the ever changing economy.

01:45 What is PeerStreet and What Does it do?

05:10 Background of Brett and the Founders of PeerStreet

09:25 PeerStreet Ways to Know that there is Equity or Default

14:45 Reasons why PeerStreet Chose Wells Fargo and Bank of America

17:25 Avarage Return that People is Having with PeerStreet

21:15 Is the model Stress Tested in Case of a New Financial Crisis?

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