Media vs Trump: Facts and How You Tell Them

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from CrushTheStreet

In todays Economic Crisis News we are goint to talk about some important topics. Starting with the leftist against Trump, but not knowing exactly what is the thing they are agains, just based on what they hear on some media like CNN. Also we are gonna be talking about millenials and their actual situation compared to some years ago. And of course we are going to talk about the wall and specifically about inmigration and international borders.

00:05 Violent Liberals Agains Trump

01:00 Media Brainwashing Voters

02:45 Millenials Actual Situation

04:40 Illegal Inmigration and the Construction of the Wall

05:45 Populism on the Rise and some of its Representants

07:00 Stand for what you Believe and Discuss your Ideas

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