Profiting in Up and Down Gold Markets | Patrick Donnelly

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from Reluctant Preppers

Patrick Donnelly, President of First Mining Finance joins Reluctant Preppers for the first time to report on how his firm has been strategically buying up deeply discounted gold properties, amassing a mineral bank that ideally positions them to capitalize on growing precious metals demand.

What is a mineral bank business model?

Why did First Mining Finance put this business together, at this time in history?

Originally in acquisition mode, transition into exploration, what’s the rationale?

Risk of investing in mining stocks vs. precious metals: What are the ways you are proactively mitigation of downside risk?

Long term strategy?

Predicting supply-side crunch and already seeing awakening interest from other producers that have neglected exploration and development to weather the recent hard times.

Most specific recent results that show promise?

Experience and successful track record of the management team?

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