This Week in Stupid (19/02/2017)

from Sargon of Akkad

Total bullshit, not worth your time.

Nor is this:…

Social Media


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Intro animation: Undoomed…
Outro Music:…


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  1. Rich says:

    True all the way. Publishers, authors, superintendents are cowering from fear of being labeled insensitive. It is really actually very similar to the methods of the Nazis and their descendants, the East German “Stasi”. People are falling into a pattern of intimidation due to a growing “liberal” dark, irrational, oppressive hostility. Just as in those times, unstable, damaged creatures start crawling out of the woodwork, almost instinctively, to project their internal anger and paranoia. We have to speak up and create responses to this cult of oppression and deceit. Good job mate

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