Trumps Unhinged Press Conference

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from Thunderf00t

It staggers me that a man can talk this much crap, and still have a 40% approval rating.

A lot of it, as the fox reporter here mentions, is just factually wrong, made up bullshit.

Some of this stuff it harmless enough.

But the man is obsessed with crowd sizes, and claiming he has the biggest, even when his OWN PICTURES show this is not the case.

My personal guess is that those who deal with national security on a professional basis have worked out that Trump is just not up to the job and an utter liability. Few have an interest in trying to defend the indefensible.

It genuinely painful going through Trump videos because of the sheer density with which he spouts out bullshit.

Im not going to be adding this video to the patreon supported stream…. but yeah…. if you want to make me feel a little better after spending a weekend torturing myself with this stuff, or the shitstorm Im going to have to deal with now….. feel free to support this channel!

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