Wayne Allyn Root – Republicans Are From Mars, Democrats Are From Bellevue


from Financial Survival Network

Wayne Allyn Root is ecstatic. The liberals are in full meltdown mode. They don’t understand Trump and they can’t deal with him. They bring a pistol to the fight and Trump brings an anti-tank missile. No wonder they don’t have a chance. Wayne’s new show is going gang-busters in Vegas, soon to be spreading across the country. He was behind DJT from the beginning and it’s paying off Bigly! He’s half hoping that California breaks off from the union along with New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Connecticut and a few other liberal states, we’d have heaven on earth. But don’t count on it happening too soon, the libs would quickly run out of other people’s money. And after all we are One Nation Under God!

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  1. Articulus Rex (@ArticulusRex) says:

    Wow! That’s amazingly ignorant of you Wayne, considering that President Trump received less than 50% of the vote. In the insane world, the sane man is insane?

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